D       Fraud



31.     http://www.vathek.com/

Academic compliance journals.


32.     http://www.conformity.com/

Compliance issues.


33.     http://www.cic-exhibition.com

Computer and Internet Crime Conference


34.     http://www.newsco.com

North West Business Insider – newspaper


35.     http://www.prevx.com

Host Intrusion Prevention Software


36.     http://www.un.org/

United Nations.


37.     http://www.scmagazine.com

IT Security Professionals


38.     http://www.governmenttechnologyuk.com

Technology Magazine for the Public Sector


39.     http://encyclo.findlaw.com/

Encyclopedia of Law & Economics


40.     http://www.bepress.com/

Berkley Law & Economics Working Papers


41.     http://www.nber.com/

Us National Bureau of Economic Research’s law & economic papers



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